Here are a few short Osgood biographies I managed to dig up.

Frances Sargent Locke Osgood (6-18-1811 to 5-12-1850). Poet, was descended from William Locke who emigrated from England to Mass in 1635. Daughter of Joseph Locke, merchant, and Mary (Ingersoll) Foster Locke. Married Samuel Stillman Osgood, a painter, on Oct 7, 1835. Moved to NY in 1839 (after fathers death) and contributed to most of the better literary periodicals of the day. Also a close friend of Edgar Allen Poe. CLICK HERE TO SEE A PHOTO

Frank Osgood. Designer of the horse drawn streetcar system in Seattle, Washington. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME PHOTOS AND A NICE BIO

Gayton Pickman Osgood (1797-1861) Born in Massachusetts. Member of Massachusetts state legislature; U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, 1833-35. Interment at Old North Parish Burying Ground.

George Laurie Osgood (3-3-1844 to 12-12-1922). Singer, composer, conductor, and teacher, was born in Chelsea Mass, the son of John Hamilton Osgood and Adeline (Stevens) Osgood, and descendant of John Osgood who emigrated to Mass in 1638. Graduated Harvard in 1866.

Herbert Levi Osgood (3-9-1855 to 9-11-1918). Historian born on a farm in Canton, Me., son of Stephen and Joan (Staples) Osgood. Descendant of John Osgood who came from Hampshire, England, probably in 1638, lived for a time in Ipswich, Mass, and came to settle in Andover, Mass.

Howard Osgood (1-4-1831 to 11-28-1911). Baptist, Clergyman, teacher, and author, was born on "Magnolia Plantation," in Plaquemines Parish, La., the son of Issac and Jane Rebecca (Hall) Osgood. His father was of New England ancestry, a nephew of Samuel Osgood. Although a wealthy planter, he became thoroughly disatisfied with salvery and moved north to New York City. Born and reared an Eposcopalian, he joined the Baptist Church. Went to Harvard in 1846 but left in 1849. Ordained a Baptist minister, 2-12-1857, he served as pastor at Flushing, L.I., 1856-58, and of the North Baptist Church, New York Ciy, 1860-66.

Jacob Osgood (3-16-1777 to 11-29-1844). Religious enthusiast, founder of the Osgoodites, was born at South Hampton, NH, descendant of William Osgood, who emigrated to Salisibury, Mass. in 1638. Philip Osgood was married in succession to Elizabeth, Appia, and Mahitable Flanders, daughters of a South Hampton farmer. Jacob was probably the son of Mehitable. Married Miriam Stevens and had 8 children. Osgoodites became a sect in 1812 It was a rejection of Calvinism, Universalism and Freewill Baptist theology. Osgood believed that everything established by law was from the devil. He was particulaly opposed to paid ministers, lawcourts, magistrates, town meetings and military training. CLICK HERE TO SEE AN OLD OSGOODITE MEETING PLACE

Samuel Osgood (3-3-1747/48 to 8-12-1813). Soldier. legislator, politician, was born in Andover, Mass. He was descendant in the fifth generation from Capt. John Osgood who came to Mass in 1638 and settled in Andover abt. 1645. Samuel was the third son of Capt. Peter Osgood and Sarah Timothy. Elected in Feb. 1781, he took a seat in the Contential Congress on June 12, and was relected until, by virtue of the 3-year limitation presrcibed in the Articles of Confederation, his services were terminated, Mar. 1, 1784. In 1800 he won election to the New York assembly and was choosen speaker. Further, He was a native of Massachusetts; graduated at Harvard College in 1770; was a member of the Board of War during the early years of the Revolution. July 1770 and 1776 he was an Aid to General Ward. From 1780 to 1784 was a delegate to the Continental Congress, and in 1785 was appointed by that body first Commissioner of the Treasury. In 1789 he was appointed, by Washington, the First Postmaster General under the new Constitution, and retained the office two years. He held other public offices; published a work on "Chronology," "Remarks on Daniel and Revelations, " "Letters on Episcopacy," and other subjects. CLICK HERE TO SEE A PHOTO

William Fogg Osgood (3-10-1864 to 7-22-1943). William was a famous mathemetician. His main work was on the convergence of sequences of continuous functions, solutions of differential equations, the calculus of variations and space filling curves. CLICK HERE TO SEE A BIO