Osgoods at the Salem Witch Trials


During the 1692 witch trials, Sarah Pease, wife of Robert, the weaver, was accused of witchcraft. "On 23 May 1692 the conspirators filed a complaint against Mary De Rich, Benjamin Proctor, and Sarah Pease. They accused them of 'sundry acts of witchcraft by them committed on the bodies of Mary Warren, Abigail Williams, Elizabeth Hubbard, whereby great hurt is done them, therefore craves justice.'"

Peter Osgood, constable in Salem, arrested and imprisoned her and on 7 Sept 1692, John De Rich testifies against Giles Corey and Sarah Pease. John De Rich at that time was apparently only about 16 years of age and intimidated, but never a member of the original conspirators. In fact, he may well have been imprisoned himself after his mother, Mary.

Fortunately, the Governor returned before Sarah and most of the victims were hung or it could have been a lot worse than it was. She must have been a woman close to 60 at the time and probably just ticked one of those bratty little girls off!


Mary Clemment- daughter of Robert of Haverhill married John Osgood (1630-1693) 11-15-1653. John was the son of John Osgood, b. 7-23-1598 Wherwell Hampshire England, and Sarah Booth.

Mary was one of the unfortunes accused of witchcraft during the time of the Salem Witch Trials. As the notes by Charlotte Helen Abbot put it- "Her husband John, who was also scared but loyal, denied her admission and said that she was all right and was too frightened to know what she was saying. She recanted her confession on Oct. 16, 1692, before Increase Mather, and testified that she had been browbeaten."

"She confesses that about eleven years ago, when she was in a melancholy stste and condition, she used to walk abroad in her orchard ; upon a certain time she saw the appearance of a cat, at the end of the house, which she thought was a real cat."

"She sais further, that about two years agone, she was carried through the air, in company with deacon Frye's wife, Ebenezer Barker's wife, and Goody Tyler, to five-mile pond, where she was baptized by the devil."

*Excerpts from "the examination and confession (September 8, 1692) of Mary Osgood, wife of Capt, John Osgood, of Andover, taken before John Hawthorne and other Majesties' Justice."

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